General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

Due to the nature of the job, roofing professionals need to have the correct insurance policy including roofing liability insurance. General liability covers contractors in case of accidents, injuries, and some work mistakes. It is important to be covered by general liability not only because it helps cover costs in case of an accident, but most general contractors and clients want see proof that you have insurance as well.

Liability insurance covers you in the chance that a third party claims that your business has caused bodily harm or property damages. It covers the company as a whole, as well as individual employees. The coverage ensures that the costs are covered without having to risking your business.

Accidents occur all the time and you can be held responsible. Whether a client is visiting you at your shop and gets hurt or if a product causes physical harm at a job site, you can be held liable. General liability insurance can cover fees, including legal and medical fees, that could otherwise put you out of business.  

Common claims that general liability insurance covers are bodily injury claims, property damage claims, completed products claims, faulty workmanship claims, personal and advertising injury claims, and immediate medical expense claims.  Make sure your business is covered in case of accidents at a worksite, your office, or your shop.

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