An automobile accident can result in expensive repair costs, medical expenses, and legal fees. If you or an employee is traveling for business and gets in an accident, your company could be liable for the costs. Your company can be held responsible for costs even if the accident didn’t occur in a company car. If an employee gets in a car accident while traveling for business, you may have to pick up costs that their insurance does not cover. Commercial auto insurance supplements individual auto insurance.

There are several types of auto insurances available to you. Liability auto insurance covers costs associated with an accident if you or an employee are responsible. Physical damage coverage is usually included in a commercial auto insurance policy. This covers costs for your company’s vehicles in case of an accident. Some policies cover flooding and other natural disasters. Medical insurance coverage will cover any hospital, diagnostics, and doctor’s bills that may occur due to an automobile accident that you or an employee is responsible for.

Roofing contractors depend on their vehicles to transport materials, equipment, and workers. Some Commercial Auto Insurance policies even cover and damaged material or equipment that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Our insurance experts at Roofing Insurance USA are here to discuss your auto insurance needs and find the right policy to protect your company.