General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

Due to the nature of the job, roofing professionals need to have the correct insurance policy including roofing liability insurance. General liability covers contractors in case of accidents, injuries, and some work mistakes. It is important to be covered by general liability not only because it helps cover costs in case of an accident, but most general contractors and clients want see proof that you have insurance as well.

Liability insurance covers you in the chance that a third party claims that your business has caused bodily harm or property damages. It covers the company as a whole, as well as individual employees. The coverage ensures that the costs are covered without having to risking your business.

Accidents occur all the time and you can be held responsible. Whether a client is visiting you at your shop and gets hurt or if a product causes physical harm at a job site, you can be held liable. General liability insurance can cover fees, including legal and medical fees, that could otherwise put you out of business.

Common claims that general liability insurance covers are bodily injury claims, property damage claims, completed products claims, faulty workmanship claims, personal and advertising injury claims, and immediate medical expense claims.  Make sure your business is covered in case of accidents at a worksite, your office, or your shop.

Contact an insurance today at Roofing Insurance USA to discuss your options and make sure you’re properly covered in case of an accident.

General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors

An automobile accident can result in expensive repair costs, medical expenses, and legal fees. If you or an employee is traveling for business and gets in an accident, your company could be liable for the costs. Your company can be held responsible for costs even if the accident didn’t occur in a company car. If an employee gets in a car accident while traveling for business, you may have to pick up costs that their insurance does not cover. Commercial auto insurance supplements individual auto insurance.

There are several types of auto insurances available to you. Liability auto insurance covers costs associated with an accident if you or an employee are responsible. Physical damage coverage is usually included in a commercial auto insurance policy. This covers costs for your company’s vehicles in case of an accident. Some policies cover flooding and other natural disasters. Medical insurance coverage will cover any hospital, diagnostics, and doctor’s bills that may occur due to an automobile accident that you or an employee is responsible for.

Roofing contractors depend on their vehicles to transport materials, equipment, and workers. Some Commercial Auto Insurance policies even cover and damaged material or equipment that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Our insurance experts at Roofing Insurance USA are here to discuss your auto insurance needs and find the right policy to protect your company.


Workers’ Compensations for Roofers

Workers’ compensation insurance is an important aspect when it comes to protecting yourself and your employees. Workers’ comp covers medical bills, costs of recovery, and a portion of missed wages due to injury on the job. In extreme tragedy, workers’ comp can cover funeral costs and extend benefits to the family of the deceased.

Roofing professionals are especially susceptible to injury on the job. Even the most skilled roofer can find be involved in an accident that results in medical attention and lost work days. Protect your roofing company and your employees with a workers’ compensation policy that is designed for your industry.

Laws differ from state to state but all require a workers’ compensation policy. Your company may be required to have workers’ compensation insurance in order to operate. Contact Roofing Insurance USA today to learn more about what insurance policies are needed in order operate your business.


Business property insurance for roofers and business income insurance for roofers

Property Insurance covers your company’s building, contents, and other’s property in case of theft, damage, natural disasters, and fires. In the event that property is damaged Property Insurance will pay for the infrastructure, equipment, supplies, furniture, and inventory that was damaged. Property Insurance may not cover all natural disasters. When applying for Property Insurance, be clear about the coverage your business needs.

Property insurance policies for roofing contractors covers your shop, tools, materials, and other assets. Common claims that are covered under commercial property insurance include fire and theft. Property insurance is an important policy for you to keep your business running in case of damage or loss. You want to make sure that you can quickly replace any items necessary for running your business in case property damage..

Not all disasters are covered in common property insurance policies. Be sure to talk to an agent today to discuss what policy is best for the region you are in. Another consideration is covering your property at its current or full value. Covering your property at its current value will save you money on your premium and payout smaller in case of a claim while full value will cost you a higher premium but will pay for replacing with new equipment.

Business Income Insurance, also known as business interruption insurance, covers any loss in income due to a disaster. This insurance will cover loss in income from the closing of your facility through the rebuilding process. This insurance is designed to keep your business from seeing a loss in profit and further debilitating your business.

Business income insurance covers the lost profits due to catastrophe, while property insurance covers the physical losses. Contact an insurance today at Roofing Insurance USA to discuss your options and make sure you’re properly covered to rebound from unforeseen accidents.